Our services

Our technical expertise and sailing experience allow us to accompany you so you can succeed in all your boat projects. Do you have any unconventional ideas or requirements? We like to invent and find made-to-measure solutions.

We support you every step of the way to ensure that your boat project tis a success.


We will be pleased to advise you on your search
for the best boat for your project, whether new or used, from among the three brands:
J Composites, Jeanneau and Lagoon.

We are certain to have a boat
that matches your requirements!


We will design a custom-made boat for you and seek
our solutions that allow your dreams to come true.

We enjoy rising to challenges and leaving our comfort zone…
So it’s over to you and your ideas!


We take care of the annual maintenance of your boat:
removal from the water, fairing, engine overhaul, fittings, safekeeping…

For plain sailing!


We can repair your boat from A to Z.
From metalworking to electrics through to mechanics and carpentry.

All brands and materials (polyester, aluminium, plywood).


We can prepare your boats for sailing
and racing projects, and provide you with technical and strategic advice.

Thanks to Yannick Besthaven, Louis Duc,
Wilfrid Clerton for placing their trust in us.


Would you like to lease your boat?
We assist you in managing your leases (contracts, reservations, collections, etc.).

For a leasing project
with complete peace of mind!