Our values


We have the considerable privilege of making our passion our profession. And we embody this passion every day: in our advice, in our participation, in our pleasure when a new boat is launched, and in our commitment to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied. Of course, we aren’t perfect, but…

… we take things seriously and invest all our energy in our continuous improvement!


As we love what we do, it is difficult for us not to be fully invested in and committed to our projects, whether on behalf of our teams, our customers or our stakeholders.

We are also fully aware of our responsibility as nautical professionals in terms of the development of the sector at the practical level..

In a sector which can have a major impact on the environment, we work daily to propose alternatives and encourage innovative and responsible practices.

Focus on our commitment…

Grassi Bateaux has been committed to the French “Vague Bleue” (Blue Wave) label for more than 8 years for the superior management of hazardous waste.


We cultivate people-friendly values at every level of
our company and advocate a form of management which is caring, fair and responsive.

We are very attentive to the proper development of each employee
in terms of both their professional and personal skills. Creating this “family atmosphere”
is also our daily leitmotiv. After all, working in a positive atmosphere and helping
each other out helps us to get up in the morning!

And it is also much nicer for our customers
to be welcomed with a smile and congeniality.


Trust constitutes a virtuous circle to which we are deeply committed.
We have every confidence in our teams,
and we allow them to develop their sense of independence and widen their range of skills.

In return, our customers place their trust us due to the expertise of our teams,
with whom they have been working for many years
(more than half of our employees have been with Grassi for more than 15 years!).


This loyalty also enables us
to gain the trust of our suppliers,as our rigorous and
adept management means
that Grassi Bateaux is a partner you can count on.