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Features of the J70

Hull length6.93 m
Floatation length 6.24 m
Maximum beam2.25 m
Standard keel draught 1.50 m
Upwind sail area 26 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker surface 45 m²
Displacement795 kg
Ballast weight285 kg
CE categoryC



Features of the J80

Overall length8.50 m
Hull length8.00 m
Floatation length7.50 m
Maximum beam2.49 m
Standard keel draught1.50 m
Upwind sail area34.50 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker surface65 m²
Displacement1450 kg
Ballast weight650 kg



Features of the J88

Hull length8.90 m
Floatation length8.18 m
Maximum beam2.90 m
Standard keel draught1.98 m
Upwind sail area40.80 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker surface45 m²
Displacement2.20 kg



Features of the J99

Hull length9.94 m
Maximum beam3.40 m
Standard keel draught2.00 m
Displacement3800 kg

THE J111


Features of the J111

Overall length11.00 m
Floatation length9.97 m
Maximum beam3.29 m
Standard keel draught2.20 m
Upwind sail area70 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker surface 45 m²
Displacement4250 kg
Ballast weight1570 kg
CE categoryA

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